Kostaras Kostas



Kostaras Kostas is practicing Chinese martial arts for the
last 33 years in many styles including,

  • Bak shaolin with Grand Master Leong Lee Fu. (Instructor
  • Ying Jow Pai With Grand Master Leong Lee Fu, Grand Master
    Lilly Lau, Grand Master Leung Shum. (Instructor Level)
  • Yang Tai Chi Chuan with Lydia Tilianaki, Master jimmy
    chau-Kei Chuen in Hong Kong and Master Yu shi hai in Nantong - Shanghai
  • QiGong  (Martial and Health) Master jimmy
    chau-Kei Chuen In Hong Kong - Master Wen Mei Yu 
  • Zhineng Qigong Level 1  with Master Han and Sifu Chan in Hong Kong and with Master Yulan Dong, Level 2  with  with Master Han and Sifu Chan in Hong Kong.
  • Jing Wu Men Kung Fu And Jing Wu Men QiGong with Grand Master
    Yu Haisheng In Qing Dao China.
  • He first start yiquan 1993 in Hong Kong under Master
    Plato LamTak-Foo in Hong Kong Chin woo
    association learning the zhan zhuang section  and in 2006 he became student and
    one of the representative in Greece of sifu Andrzej Kalisz which is European
    representative under Master Yao Chengguang.